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Sedation Dentistry & Patient Comfort

How sedation dentistry from your dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, can help you

If you are fearful about going to the dentist, you are not alone. Whatever your fear stems from, there is a way to help you relax and enjoy your appointment—it’s called comfort dentistry. Comfort dentistry combines sedation and comfort options to give you a relaxing, productive appointment.

Available from Dr. Thomas J. Lambert in Grand Rapids, MI, comfort dentistry can help you relax and receive the dental care that you need to maintain a healthy mouth. Read on to learn about the wide range of patient comfort services that will help you enjoy your appointment.

What sedation dentistry can do for you

One of the methods of sedation dentistry is taking an oral sedative, about an hour before your dental appointment. The medication can be combined with a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, commonly known as laughing gas. You breathe in this mixture through a nosepiece, causing a great feeling of relaxation.

When you choose comfort dentistry, you will enjoy:

  • A discomfort-free appointment
  • Minimal side effects, just a bit of sleepiness or grogginess
  • Less stress before, during, and after your appointment
  • A more productive appointment because your dentist can accomplish more treatment

In addition to dental sedation, Dr. Lambert also offers a full range of complimentary patient services, including:

  • Warm, relaxing blankets
  • Warm paraffin hand treatments
  • Soothing aromatherapy eye masks
  • Television on the ceiling and digital headphones
  • Comfortable, individualized care during, and after your appointment

Interested? Give us a call

You deserve a comfortable, relaxing dental appointment. If you suffer from a fear of the dentist, dental sedation and complimentary patient comfort options can help change your mind about going to the dentist. To learn more about how dental sedation and patient comfort options can help you, call Dr. Thomas J. Lambert in Grand Rapids, MI, today by dialing (616) 364-6490.

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