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    A Few Words from some of our satisfied patients.

    As a Newsreporter/Anchor for Fox News Detroit, my teeth and smile are my most important asset. Since meeting Dr. Lambert I can honestly say that I now have a smile that is healthy and bright. It projects the image that is so important to my profession. You and your team are the best, thank you.

    Brad Edwards- Fox News Reporter

    Thank you Dr. Lambert for helping me have the whitest, brightest smile possible during my competition.

    Heather Cobb

    You gave me a brilliant smile and I went on to win the MISS MICHIGAN COMPETITION. A big thank you to everyone in your office.

    MISS MICHIGAN- Jesi Hook

    I trust Dr. Lambert and his office family. In high school I was voted "sexiest smile". Over the years my smile deteriorated and I usually hid my mouth. My mouth became so painful it affected my mood every day. I was afraid to make the appointment to find out what needed to be done and afraid to follow through on the treatment Dr Lambert recommended. From the first appointment through the last Dr Lambert cared about my situation and his staff did too. With reassurance from my husband Dr. Lambert and his fantastic team restored the smile of my youth. I truly appreciate the caring and concern I received from Dr. Lambert.

    Thank you so much, Jody DeGraw"

    Closing the gap in my teeth was a great experience. From the incredible care to the look of my new smile, I am so happy.

    Thank you Dr. Lambert Carolyn Vliem

    For years I tried not to smile and didn't want to show my teeth. Dr. Lambert showed me how I could have a beautiful smile with naturally looking porcelain crowns and dental implants. Now I have a healthy mouth and beautiful smile that I can be proud of. Dr. Lambert and his team were truly some of the most caring and nicest people I have ever met.

    Thank you helping me have a smile I never dreamed possible - Joy Vansuilichem

    I knew my teeth were showing awful signs of wear and terrible yellowing and wanted to look younger. I knew that I would never be in the book with the beautiful smiles created by Dr. Lambert. With care and concern Dr. Lambert and his Team treated me like family. They guided me thru the journey to where I am today. Not only am I in the Book of Smiles but my picture is now hanging on the wall in Dr. Lambert's office. Thank you so much for changing my life.

    Barb Savard

    My journey began in second grade when I realized I was missing two of my permanent front teeth. After years of orthodontics and consultations with many different doctors, we met Dr. Lambert. I am so thankful to Dr. Lambert for putting so much time and energy towards making my teeth look perfect. I now have a smile that is beyond my wildest expectations.

    Thank you so much, Elise Wiersma

    My mother and I wanted to have beautiful smiles for my daughter Carla's wedding. As you can see from Carla's wedding photos, Dr. Lambert worked his magic to help three generations of women have gorgeous smiles for Carla's special day.

    Thank you Dr. Tom for everything,
    Geri, Cheryl, Carla (the Anderson Family)

    I never felt comfortable in front of a camera and actually avoided having my picture taken. Thanks to Dr. Lambert that has changed. I feel confident with my incredible new smile.

    You changed my life,
    Lori Wurn

    When I first met Dr. Lambert he helped me to realize that I clench my teeth together and that they were wearing down. Being a business owner, my smile is very important to me. Using a combination of orthodontic care and the latest porcelain restorations, Dr. Lambert helped me to have the confident smile that I have today.

    Augustino Vitale,
    Owner Vitale's Restaurant and Sports Bar

    My wife Angela told me that I deserved to have a brighter, healthier looking smile. I took her advice and met with Dr. Lambert. After learning about the cosmetic possibilities I was excited to begin. In less than two months Dr. Lambert and his team created a smile and both Angela and I are happy with.

    Thanks to Angela and Dr. Lambert for their encouragement.
    Paul Jones

    "My daughter always told me, "Dad, why don't you get that space between your front teeth fixed". I listened to her, met Dr. Lambert and the rest is history."

    Thank you Dr. Tom
    Tim Penny- Business Owner

    I met Dr. Lambert while he was teaching at the Grand Rapids Community College Dental Hygiene program. I had been missing my front crown for almost seven years. He invited me to his office where I learned about his "Give Back a Smile" program. At first I didn't believe that he and his team were actually serious about helping me without any cost to me. With his caring heart and experienced hands, I now have a smile that I no longer have to hide. What a blessing it is to have people like Dr. Lambert and his team. I am eternally grateful.


    When I first met Dr. Lambert I was in the process of turning my life around. I wanted desperately to have a new smile so that I could feel good about myself and get a better job. Dr. Lambert helped me to look and feel the way I do today, great. I have a new job and the promise of a better future.

    You changed my life forever,

    Since I was 17 years old I was embarrassed to smile and would cover my mouth with my hands. When speaking with someone face to face I would notice them looking at my teeth and I would become very uncomfortable. At age 34 I met Dr. Lambert and was fortunate to have him design for me my whole new smile. I absolutely love my new smile and hope people do look at my teeth. They often say "wow, you have a great smile". I can't thank Dr. Lambert and his caring team enough. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

    I love you guys!
    Hiedi H.

    About a year and a half ago, I felt terrible. I'd been having headaches for awhile. The pain always seemed to start in my jaw and then move around to the back of my neck. I learned that my condition was described as TMJ. I had a biteguard made for me but that didn't help. The headaches were getting worse. Frustrated, I typed "jaw pain" into the search box on the internet. It brought up a website about a new appliance that was out. It was called an NTI, and it was for people who clenched their teeth. The headaches and pain these people had been having matched my symptoms exactly. Fortunately, I learned about Dr. Lambert's office. When I called his office the receptionist worked me in for a consult very quickly, (which I appreciated), I had an NTI made, and now I am finally headache-free after suffering for over a year.

    Thank You Very Much, Dr. Lambert and staff!
    Lori Kornoelje

    Click here to learn more about NTI

    "I have never visited a more caring office. The entire staff goes out of their way to make the total experience not only relaxing but like a visit to the spa. I particularly enjoy the paraffin hand treatments, having my jewelry cleaned, a warm blanket for my comfort, a cool aromatherapy mask for my eyes, and digital headphones with soothing music. I can honestly say I am sorry when my visit is over. Before coming to Dr. Lambert I was very unhappy with my smile. After a few visits at his office I now have the smile I never dreamed possible. I am amazed at the compliments I get on how great my smile is. Dr. Lambert and his staff care and treat their patients like family. That is why I have referred and entrusted the rest of my family to him."

    Shirley Decker, Data Management Specialist

    "Naturally, as a dental professional, I wanted the very best care possible. I am so happy that I trusted Dr. Lambert with my dental care. He not only lived up to his reputation but even exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with my new smile and the expert care I received from Dr. Lambert and his staff."

    Linda Meeuwenberg, Dental Author and National Lecturer

    "The fear of going to the dentist remained with me from early childhood until I had the most fortunate pleasure of meeting Dr. Lambert. With his expertise, guidance and unique ability of making each person feel very comfortable, I can now proudly say I have a smile I never dreamed possible."

    Patty Smith, Owner Perceptions Fine Art Gallery

    "Dr. Lambert has really made my smile feel complete. He has spent a lot of time with me over the years demonstrating a remarkable knowledge base, expert skill and a high level of quality care. This is the central reason I have total faith and confidence in him. I refer all of my family and friends to him. Under his thoughtful care my teeth look and feel great. He has always gone the extra mile for me and I am so very thankful to him and his staff."

    Bill Dungey, Businessman

    "I have worn a traditional night guard for many years to control the damage to my teeth from severe clenching and grinding. Although the guard provided some relief I found myself continuing to clench at night which resulted in sore jaw muscles, headaches and aching teeth. Dr. Lambert recommended a brand new device called an NTI. This tiny appliance fits between my upper and lower front teeth. The NTI stays in place, is very comfortable and it is impossible to clench, impossible to grind! My muscles are totally relaxed all night. Thank you Dr Lambert for offering all the innovative tools needed to keep our smiles beautiful and healthy."

    Ida Sidor

    Click here to learn more about NTI

    "I struggled for years with how my smile looked. I was very self-concious about it. When I looked in the mirror I didn't like what I saw. I had yellow-stained teeth, a horrible bite that really bothered me, and a brown upper middle tooth that showed itself whenever I smiled. I initially came to Dr. Lambert for a guard to stop grinding my teeth. And I'm convinced the guard helped to decrease the number of headaches I was having. However, some of my teeth were cracked and broken. Some were so full of old fillings that they weren't going to last much longer. After a regimen of whitening, Dr. Lambert skillfully and wonderfully installed 5 new teeth for me, including the replacement of that brown tooth right in front! The color match is absolutely perfect ...beyond my expectation! I am thrilled with my new smile! He also reshaped my bite for the first time it is level; a whole new feeling in my mouth. Dr. Lambert really is a talented and caring professional. In fact, the whole staff is very personal and caring. When my new teeth were installed, and I looked in the mirror for the first time, I started to cry because I was so happy. One by one, the staff all came in and marveled at my new smile. My whole experience with Dr. Lambert's office has been terrific. I can't imagine going anywhere else!"

    Blessings to you all,
    Laurie Velker

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